As you begin the planning stage for your new custom design timber frame home with Woodhouse, it’s the perfect time to evaluate how the use the space in your home. Woodhouse design consultants work with you to analyze your current spaces and how you want your new home to accommodate changes in your lives and activities.

It’s popular nowadays to talk about downsizing, but if that feels wrong, consider rightsizing instead. Rightsizing is the design philosophy that’s focuses on strategically prioritizing your specific wants and needs when designing living spaces in your home.

While downsizing some of your belongings may be a part of the process, rightsizing is more focused on optimum use of your square footage and strategic design decisions to match your lifestyle.

You’ll work with in-house Woodhouse architect, Diana Allen, who is an expert in rightsized home design and offers strategies that can help you achieve the timber frame dream home you’ve always wanted.

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