Green Building

Timber Frame homes meet and exceed many energy efficiency standards!

Special Insulated Panels

Wooden Peg Mortise
& Tenons

Sustainable Forest Management

State of the Art Technology – Saves on Energy Costs

Woodhouse® Timber Frame Structures are energy-efficient
using 1/3 to 1/4 of the energy of a traditionally insulated home!

Woodhouse Timber Frame is Green Building

Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs)

Woodhouse® designed SIPs offer superior insulation using less wood that traditional wood-built homes. The wood interior and exterior skins of the SIPs are made of oriented-strand-board which is plantation grown, fast growth and highly renewable trees.

Because of the insulating factors of these superior SIPs the typical Woodhouse Timber Frame structure uses 30 to 70% less energy and use less materials than other foam/fibrous insulation methods.

A well-maintained Woodhouse® Timber Frame structure lasts hundreds of years!

Sustainably Harvested Wood Species

Woodhouse® Timber frame home use fast growing wood species from forests and plantations that are sustainably managed, reducing negative impacts on the planet.

Green Building Standards

Woodhouse® timber frame homes and structures meet or exceed many green building standards to ensure our customers that the timber frame we build for you is sustainable and energy efficient.  Learn more about these building standards:

National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Certification
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Read more about Timber Frame energy efficiencies in these articles on the Woodhouse website.

Timber Frame has the perfect solution for energy-efficient, green homes and structures

Eco Friendly

Low Maintenance



Custom Designed


We Build Your Dreams!

PNWTF would love to build your new dream home or timber frame structure. Talk to us about your plot of land and your unique vision and we’ll work with you to customize a design that fits your needs.

Use the Woodhouse® Budget Calculator to estimate your dream project’s cost.