Since the early days of the COVID pandemic, the way many of use live/work/play in our homes has changed dramatically. As always, our home is still a sanctuary for the family, but for those who work from home the design of work/live spaces has become even more important, necessitating rethinking the way we use our home.

If you’re looking at incorporating those work spaces into your new home, see a few of the ways families have adapted their home to this new reality:

  • – Personal trainers who have a private gym for clients and promotional videos
  • Musicians or dance teachers with a music room or studio
  • Artists and craftspeople who desire a dedicated space for glasswork, pottery, painting, sculpture, metalwork, a photography darkroom, and more
  • Chefs, bakers, and food entrepreneurs needing an optimized kitchen for both cooking and photography
  • Professional or hobbyist brewers and vintners wanting their own tasting room for customers or friends
  • Childcare provider needing room for play and learning
  • Mechanics or other tinkerers who could make the most of a professional-grade workshop
  • Car collectors needing an expansive, temperature-controlled space
  • Remote work professionals in need of a quiet, functional space to focus

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